It’s time to freshen up your fridge and indulge in a treat that doesn’t trick

Are sugar-packed drinks and too much alcohol taking the pleasure out of the day after? Sugar and alcohol borrow energy from your already empty tank, leaving you crashing harder later.

Why Drink Happy?
Sweet enough. Tasty as.

Leave the wine for the weekend and put something better in during the week. Don't wait until tomorrow when you could start today

  • Brain fog for focus
  • Fatigue for energy
  • Guilt for joy
  • Quick fix band-aids for sustainable habits

Shine from the inside out

Hey! We’re Courtney and Matt.

We get that sometimes you want a drink that tastes great but doesn’t leave you feeling hungover and drained of energy.

We created Drink Happy to bring together a range of low alcohol, sugar-free or functional drinks so you can make convenient, healthier swaps. You don't have to settle for what's in the supermarket or petrol station when you're on the go!

We're all about helping you make better choices and creating sustainable habits.

A box of drinks that's a conversation starter and there's something in it for everyone.

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