Gut Health - Bugs that don’t bite

Gut Health is all the rage and for good reason. Your microbiome have a lot to do with how your insides are functioning, your mood, your energy…we could go on but won’t. Fermented foods, limiting toxins and getting some good bacteria guys into your gut is what you need to be doing.  And the list of liquid loot below helps with a variety of things; detoxification, probiotic or good gut bacteria building; the amino acid glutamine in bone broth helps to heal the gut lining by increasing intestinal barrier function.


Any kombucha - Organic Mechanic Ginger, Roa, KC Flavours, Batchwell, Block 5, KB, Mamas, Banjo Brews, Kombucha Bros, Plimmerton, Rene's, Waikirikau, Wabio

Kefir - Pineapple, Watermelon

Daily Organics ACV

Best Bone Broths range

Build your bug box with our Pick n Mix range here!

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