Take back control. Hack your Drinking Habits in 5 steps

A habit loop is made up of 4 phases; Cue, Craving, Response, Reward. You may want to start a new positive habit or knock a bad one on the head once and for all. Examples of good drinking habits could be:

  1. Drinking more water each day
  2. Having a low sugar beverage at lunch
  3. Reaching for a natural energy boost early morning or mid afternoon

And examples of bad drinking habits could be:

  1. Hydrating yourself through the day with multiple cups of tea and coffee
  2. Drinking a high sugar, yet convenient big branded drink while on lunch
  3. Getting home from work and reaching for an alcoholic reward drink

As outlined in the Atomic Habits book by James Clear, the key is to take a look at the habit and really see how each of the following points are like laws of human behaviour. We have added one more to the list outlined by the book, as we think it’s crucial to assess how it makes you feel after the habit has taken place. So how do you create a good habit?

1st law (Cue) - make it obvious

2nd law ( Craving) - make it attractive

3rd law (Response) - make it easy

4th law (Reward) - make it satisfying

And 5th consideration - remember and savour how it makes you feel after (even if it is a little self-righteous for making a positive change, but a pat on the back is simply good encouragement!)

For example, if you are swapping out your evening Rosé for an alternative, you want it to be refreshing, look good and be delicious. So you could take a Six Barrel Mint and Cucumber Soda, add some fresh lime or lemon to it, put it in a beautiful glass and then kick back in a comfy spot knowing you are hydrating yourself with something that delights but won’t build up negatively in your system the way a wine would with the heavy sugar and alcohol content. And the key is to just do some swaps and slowly work on breaking this habit, you may still have an alcoholic drink later on, but you at least you will have hydrated already and sat down with something nutritionally better for you first.

So fill your fridge with more of the good stuff to help your behavioural changes stand half and chance!

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