Think you are in control of your behaviour? Here are 4 phases that say you’re not

Every wondered why you do what you do, sometimes completely automatically as if you had no real choice over the matter? In the wildly successful book Atomic Habits, James Clear points out early on in the book that we are in an endless cycle comprising of a:

  1. Cue
  2. Craving
  3. Response
  4. Reward

Whether you are addressing daily behaviour related to eating or drinking, becoming aware of the areas of concern is the first step. For example, a lot of us come home after work and tell ourselves or automatically go to the fridge for our “reward” drink or food. We have identified in our minds that we have a problem (the cue and craving phase) and we need to solve it (the response and reward phase). You may have had a hard day and therefore want to relieve “pain” or you have had a cracker and therefore seek to “reward” yourself. Either way, if you reach for something that long term isn’t going to serve you, then your short term fix, only kicks the can down the road. Want a reward that adds to your health, but still tastes good enough it seems like a treat? Have a look through these and build a box of your favourites…

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