Meet Ārepa

One of the most exciting perks of working at Drink Happy is discovering new beverages that challenge our expectations and shift our perception of drinkable health. 

Enter Ārepa’s Nootropic formulas, developed with some of the world's top neuroscientist's and food technologists and packed with powerful New Zealand plant extracts and Japanese green tea. The formula, which took the founders 5 years to develop, delivers a synergistic felt effect when combined. Powerful right?

We sat down with the founders to find out more about this groundbreaking beverage that we’re lucky to get our hands on for our Monthly Drink Happy boxes. 

What is the meaning behind your business name?


Alpha means many things, but to Ārepa, it is the brain wave frequency found when people are in a wakeful state that is characterised by a relaxed and effortless alertness. Alpha brain waves are also directly related to the state psychologists call 'flow' or 'the zone'. This is what drove us to create Ārepa, a product that could help people get to this state of Mental Clarity.

Why did you start your business?

I was working for a large energy drink company selling sugar and caffeine and it just didn't agree with me. I lost a mate to mental health and two grandparents to cognitive related illness so I decided why can't we make a drink for the brain? 7 years later here we are!

What do you love about your industry?

Everyone is always going to need to eat, our goal is to help feed the brain in the modern world with products that are backed by science and deliver a proven benefit to the consumer. I love the feedback we get from consumers who can truly feel a benefit and want to share that experience with us, its keeps me motivated and knowing I am doing the right thing. 

What little thing do you do every day to make you feel good?

Exercise, mindful breathing and joking around with my beautiful girlfriend.

What makes you excited for the future of the wellness space?

The science we are starting to uncover and prove is opening up new doors from investment, exporting around the world to more research in really exciting spaces. Also being able to work on a daily basis with a good mate (my co-founder Zac) and an awesome team (also now mates) ensures we have a lot of fun. 

If you’d like to try this exciting new beverage, keep an eye out for our upcoming Resilience themed box.

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