Meet Good Herb Soda

Cannabis was the inspiration behind Arjun Bhargava and Arjun Narayanan's drink business, Good Herb Soda.  Their drinks are blended using natural botanical terpenes (diverse organic compounds produced by many plants).  The two drinks, In zone and unwind are designed to either give a focused or a calming effect.  We caught up with Arjun Bhargava.

What is the meaning behind your business name?

Cannabis has always been referred to by many names such as Ganja, Weed, Pot, Marijuana etc.

'Good Herb' is one of these many names that happen to fit the best with our goal of making Cannabis consumption positive and healthy without the taboos associated with it.

Why did you start your business?

We started our business to create a positive impact on mental health issues such as anxiety & depression. Our company represents all the good that cannabis and other plants such as psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca etc. can bring about in raising consciousness if understood correctly.

What do you love about your industry?

We are at the cross-section of the beverage industry and the cannabis industry. Therefore, we get the opportunity to learn from a broad cross-section of innovators, makers, creators who are passionate about making a real difference in the community, and we love that.

What little thing do you do every day to make you feel good?

Sticking to a routine of physical exercise and mindfulness

What makes you excited for the future of the wellness/functional drink space?

The awareness that the Food & Drink choices we make are essential to our state of well-being is gaining acceptance like never before. The manufacturing processes involved, the ingredients used, the impact on the environment are all factors to be considered. The Innovation & Research in plant-based products is also happening at a breakneck speed. If this trend continues, there will be less Coke & Pepsi and more healthy products created by purpose-driven makers.

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