Meet Mama's Brew Shop

What makes Drink Happy so happy? Well, we're proud to work with the best makers and suppliers that all have their own stories of how they found themselves creating delicious and healthy beverages.

Mama’s Brew Shop is the creation of two friends and mamas, Liv and Rene. They were brought together by their kids and bonded over beer, babies and booch. Rene was able to use her skills as a nutritionist and medical herbalist to create the special Mama’s Brew Shop brews and after converting the garage downstairs, Helensville’s first Kombuchery was born. 

We sat down with one of our first suppliers, Mama's Brew Shop, who specialise in both alcoholic and non alcoholic Kombucha that could easily replace your couch beer or wine with maximum enjoyment and minimal guilt. Here's what they had to say about their journey. 

What is the meaning behind your business name?

Rene and I both have two kids each and the youngest was only 6months old when we started Mama's Brew Shop. We converted Rene's garage into our first brewery so that we could put the kids to bed upstairs while we worked - it literally was Mama's Brew Shop!

Why did you start your business?

Being pregnant and having small children forced us to look at the non-alcoholic list and we were pretty disillusioned with the options! We started brewing commercially (having both been long time home brewers) to create something grown-up and special that would provide the non-drinker with a genuine alternative in a social drinking occasion.

What do you love about your industry?

Most of our kombucha is sold on-premise in restaurants and cafes. We love working in the hospo industry and getting to know so many creative people who are doing interesting things - it's pretty inspiring!

What little thing do you do every day to make you feel good?

Play with our kids, drink coffee, yoga, chat.

What makes you excited for the future of the wellness space?

The wellness space is becoming more mainstream, so more people are feeling the benefits. When we started Mama's Brew Shop four years ago the majority of people we spoke to had never heard of kombucha. It is amazing how quickly that has changed. Healthier alternatives in all aspects of our lives are becoming more accessible. 


Keep an eye out for our monthly boxes where you will find a bounty of the best brews from Mama's Brew Shop. 



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