Meet Phoric

Bradley Hagan and Holly Sutich witnessed first hand, thousands of university students consuming countless, artificial energy drinks to keep up, but feeling guilty for it.So they made it their mission to create a natural;, clean alternative.

What is the meaning behind your business name?

When you have enough energy to keep on top of a busy lifestyle, with work, family, friends and looking after yourself - you feel euphoric! Enter Phoric.

Why did you start your business?

We started Phoric whilst at university. Our peers were unhappy with the high levels of artificial ingredients and refined sugar in many energy drinks on the market, but they wanted the functionality of an energy boost. We wanted to create a clean, natural alternative for kiwis to get the energy without the nasties! Mental health and wellbeing is also a cause very close to our hearts, and is an underfunded space, so we have partnered with Supporting Families NZ who do incredible work in the mental health space, around education and support to do our part in giving back to the community.

What do you love about your industry?

The beverage industry is so diverse and exciting! The innovation in product development and marketing is such a fun thing to observe and be a part of. The best part has to be the people - throughout our journey, we have met many like-minded and different-minded kiwis, who bring incredible insight and have shown us support from day dot.

What little thing do you do every day to make you feel good?

My biggest thing is knowing I can't look after my business if I don't look after myself. So, among other things, I practice mindfulness every day to help ground myself, which sets me up for a day of enthusiasm and excitement to work towards our goals with Phoric. 

What makes you excited for the future of the wellness/functional drink space?

I am so excited for what the future holds in the wellness and functional space!! The innovation going on, especially by small kiwi companies, is incredible, and it just keeps getting bigger and better! It is so awesome to see kiwis supporting kiwis to help our small businesses grow and give back to the NZ economy and community. 

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