Kia Ora Happy Drinkers!

We’re a Kiwi family based in the Coromandel with a passion for adventure and discovering new things. Not content with big brand, concentrate-based ingredient drinks, we noticed we were getting into some lazy drinking habits (just one more won’t hurt - sound familiar?!) that weren’t serving us and the healthy lifestyle that we wanted to live.

We wondered if there were any local crafters out there creating low sugar soda or alcohol-free alternatives that instead featured elements that actually contributed to our health positively. Thankfully, there are and we would love to share the little treasures we have found with you!

Supporting local is more important than ever right now and helping people flourish to be their best selves - you get what you put in we figure! We're working with some fruity, fantastic partners and seeing what drives them to innovate for the health of it is both exciting and impressive!

So have a good look around, get to us know us a bit or get in touch with your questions...we know that your future you will definitely thank you for giving our Drink Happy community a go!


Your Drink Happy family