A Drink Happy Subscription won't fold the clothes pile or put the kids to bed, but it will put a bottle of functional health and wellness in your hand, and that is one less thing you have to worry about!


Here's how our subscriptions work:

drink happy sign up

Sign up to our monthly themed box of wellness beverages

We are always exploring New Zealand and finding new legendary crafters and brewers of a wide range of different wellness beverages. We're excited to see more and more awesome functional health drinks launching around New Zealand and we're even more thrilled to bring these drinks to people like you who need a little liquid support to help you thrive your every day. 

Drink happy delivery

We curate 9-12 bottles of liquid goodness from our community of makers and deliver to you every month

We focus on one theme each month and curate wellness drinks and healthy shots that align with the theme of the month. We talk to our suppliers and find out which beverages suit each box, so the experience is both holistic in choice. It's also a surprising box of goodness to arrive on your doorstep every month - future you will love it!

Enjoy drink happy subscription

Drink happy knowing your body will thank you.
Cancel anytime.

Always have a healthy option on hand for you and the family and know your choices are better for you all. Take the pain out of carrying cartons of booch or other wellness drinks home and support your local makers instead.  You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Snap up more of your favourites with our exclusive member deals

A few days after you receive your discovery box, and once you've had a chance to sample all the contents, we'll send you exclusive offers on each drink in that month's box and if you love a particular product or products, you can purchase more in seconds!  It'll get shipped to you fresh and direct from the makers.