Why Drink Happy?

Drink Happy supports people who are making changes to their lifestyle by curating and supplying the most interesting, healthy and delicious drinks, delivered in packages that are specifically designed for the change journey you are on.  Making positive changes in your life can be hard. We get it, we have been there too. But small changes in your life now, lead to big impacts for your health and wellbeing in the near future. You'll gain more energy, put more nutrition into your system rather than taking it away and not experience some alcohol-related side effects such as anxiety and depression.
Whether you just want to try some new drinks, you're needing to transform your health routine and give it a boost, you're trying to lay off the habitual alcoholic beverages but still partake socially with something tasty, or are an expecting or new mum, we're here to support you.
We are on a mission to bring you all the healthier drink choices available to you, from local independent makers from around New Zealand.
We want to champion the innovative, local teams just like we want to lift you guys up, so let's find our Happy place together.