Everyone wants to be healthier, and a big part of that is drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. We LOVE water, but sometimes water just doesn't hit the spot. But are all fizzy drinks created equal?


Whether reaching for a fizzy drink was for an on-the-go energy boost, reward drink or as mixers to alcoholic drinks when socialising - we wanted to share what we found and how many innovative, low sugar drinks are out there now.

The beverage market has now evolved here in New Zealand, and Drink Happy collates those options all in one place to make it easier for you to try them all out. Bringing together a range of locally brewed no and low sugar beverage options for convenient alternatives to the sugary drinks offered by large multinationals in local dairies, petrol stations, cafes, supermarkets and school tuck shops. 

Sugary drinks are worse for your health, than sugary foods. And until we see the government impose a sugar levy on the big brand baddies and introduce labelling with the teaspoon amount of sugar in each drink to help consumers make informed decisions, what you choose to drink matters.

Excess sugar consumption contributes to poor health; including obesity, type-2 diabetes, rotten teeth, cancer, gout and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease and premature death. Sugary drinks sold in New Zealand supermarkets may be the most unhealthy in the world, a new study has found. University of Waikato researcher Dr Lynne Chepulis​, who conducted the study alongside overseas researchers, said non-alcoholic Kiwi beverages contained the largest proportions of sugar when compared to Canada, Australia and the UK (Stuff, .

Just like food subscription boxes have revolutionised how you shop for food,  (doing the planning, purchasing and delivering to your door), Drink Happy can do the same for the drinks that go in your fridge! People make better decisions for their health when it's easy, convenient and enjoyable - so you can still have that reward drink, remember we said no guilt!  

Sweet Enough choices delivered in a box, and still Tasty As.