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    Life is so busy, and when we are out with our tribe adventuring, we understand that the convenience of popping into the dairy for a fizzy drink is just another way to keep things simple - yet those drinks on offer are almost all full of sugar or artificial flavours.

    That is why with a little preparation, you can go on your missions energised with fizzy drinks and waters that that hydrate and only feature real, nutritious ingredients. It isn't always easy to get the whole family to be healthy all the time, especially if it doesn't taste good - that's why we have had them all approved by our own little people, with many a "yum" or "thumbs up" as approval for what went in the box!

    Buy one off for yourself or as a gift, or subscribe and save 7.5%!

    This box contains the following 9 flavours:

    Ārepa - Drink Ārepa Performance 20 minutes before your most important moment or daily for enhanced brain function.

    Plimmerton Apple Kombucha - Fresh and crisp as the name suggests, its a great alternative to alcohol - like drinking a crisp apple cider, but without the hangover.

    Vista Watermelon sparkling water -  It has no sugar, no artificial flavours and less than one calorie per can.

    Chia Sisters Sparkling Lemon Coconut Water - They've blended sparkling coconut water with a dash of Kerikeri lemons and Hawke’s Bay apples for a refreshing zesty lift. A better for you option to a mainstream lemonade.

    Organic Mechanic Ginger - True to ancient traditions, we batch brew OM Kombucha to contain billions of living enzymes to help nurture and support a healthy gut microbiome & aid in digestive health. 

    Almighty Peach & Ginger sparkling water - All Almighty sparkling water is activated charcoal filtered for purity. No sugar. No sweetener. Only natural flavours.

    Little Elephant - This power-packed blend is the ultimate immune system boost and natural anti-inflammatory.

    Eden Orchards Sparkling Cherry Juice - A daily 50ml-100ml serving may assist with sleep, gout, joint pain and inflammation, among other things.

    Karma Cola Sugar Free - You want a cola that refreshes your thirst, tastes fantastic and isn’t full of sugar or any of that diet-zero-lite artificial crap that tastes as weird as it sounds. We have the answer.


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    Awsome drinks box!

    We took this box to a family function and every single drink was enjoyed. Fun to share and try new things, yummy, and really good to have healthier drink options that the kids could also enjoy- the natural fizzy drinks were a favourite! Will be back for more 👏

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